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In addition to providing the best in Site Design, Graphic Art, Site Navigation and Layout we have developed a strategy of providing simple, easy to use, yet secure interfaces which allow clients to change and maintain key information on their internet sites without the need for web design and web development skills or tools.  If you can fill out a form you can keep your web site up to date and interesting.

The key to success in E-Commerce is traffic. Pulling customers into your site is the internet equivalent of "location, location, location".  We know how to design for traffic.  We keep up with the latest in search engine technology, the latest in link and ad exchanges. We design your site to be found and help you to keep it up top on the search results.  One key to repeat visits by prospective customers is fresh, new and relevant information.  Since no one knows your business better than you do, our focus and skill is in making it easy for you to keep your site up to date and interesting without ongoing expense and without dependencies on others to get it done. a technically sophisticated site where the client focuses on the business of designing homes with no desire to get into the business of web development.  In this site home plan images, plan details and pricing are maintained in an SQL database.  We have provided tools which the client uses on a an in-house PC workstation to manage changes.  Through the magic of Relational Database and something called Object Data Base Connectivity or ODBC, changes made on the in-house PC are synchronized with the on-line site, images of the plans are uploaded and it all takes place without web development  involvement.

Self updating pages:
One of the most important draws, keeping visitors coming back to a site over and over again is fresh, new and interesting content..  One of our premier clients,, the online magazine of Pamlico County, North Carolina has developed a strategy of allowing volunteers at various non-profits to maintain their own newsletters, calendars and schedules. This constant flow of new material has helped make one of the most popular electronic magazines on line today.  The following pages are a few examples of pages which are individually maintained by non web developers ,usually club members, who simply filling in a form which instantly updates the page on-line:


And More:

Protecting our Clients Privacy is one of our first considerations.

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