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The Brokers and Multi-Agents Site for Real Estate Sales Winning Teams:
An Internet Web Site designed specifically for Real Estate Sales Companies.   Providing instant updating of listings and pictures through a simple interface.

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Notice how different the sites appear, you are not forced into a cookie cutter.  Your site will reflect the uniqueness of your business, emphasizing you and your people.

Provide the Support to Grow Your Real Estate Business The Brokers and Multi-Agents Site is designed to serve a business with several real estate professionals working together for or with an owner/broker.  The site allows for up to ten agents, each responsible for maintaining his/her own pages.   With separate passwords to manage the access that each has to the site.  As with any new Internet Site the first step is to work together with your agents and Downeast to select the proper name for your site. You know the,  the unique name that every website must have.   Brainstorming the list of possible names, focusing in on the short list of meaningful names, eliminating those that are already taken because every URL (internet site name or Uniform Resource Locator) has to be unique. Then we register that name for you, so that you own the name for the next two years (longer, up to ten years if you wish).  

With the new name locked in we can begin to design the site, your new branch office location on the world wide web.  It begins with a couple of pages about you and your business, why your the one with whom the customer should do business. Each of the sales people will want a biography page with a picture and a few words and one Good picture, optimized for the web, that load quickly and look great so that each of you are a real person to the customer prospect.

Next comes the magic, the part that we are most proud of.   We have designed a system that allows each of you to create and maintain the most important information on your site without help from anyone else.  By logging on to your site and filling out a simple form you can change any text in any of the 100 listings on your site. By assigning a unique userid and password to each of your sales people we can allow each to maintain their own listings.   Fill out another on line form and we move any picture from your computer to your website in seconds.  No programming, no hassle.  If you need to change anything in the listings add, delete or correct information you just do it.  This same technique applies to your newsletter page and the optional text only listings page.  It really is that easy.   Of course the Broker in charge has the master key that allows access to all of the information if that becomes necessary.  A new optional feature allows you to designate a clerical person as an assistant who can help any or all of the sales people maintain their pages.  Our aim is to make it easy not complex

Click here to see a working example  

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